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Bubbleland, formerly Divine, was originally a Vainglory guild established in 2015. Today, we are a chill and diverse group of friends and gamers who share a passion for gaming. As an international community, our goal is to maintain a fun and inclusive atmosphere for like-minded souls around the world. We wish to be the nurturing seedbed where new friendships blossom. Our theme is cute and we welcome all friendly travellers!

We are working on...

Inspired by Nekreirypt’s work at Everlasting Night, we are compiling a database of guides and useful resources for new and returning Vainglory players. There may be rough edges as our new site is under active construction so we apologise in advance. Expect more polished content in the coming weeks as we gain more contributors!

We are also discussing plans to unite the fragmented player base. Everlasting Night was the go-to server for EU and NA players but was shut down due to unforeseen circumstances as players fled to other servers. We are gathering feedback from the community and would love to know what you think. Please join our Discord if you want to help.

Can you trust us?

We have been running the Bubbleland community for over 5 years now and we believe in our proven track record when it comes to stability. We select our mods meticulously and we have a rigorous system in place to prevent abuse. We have a zero-tolerance policy for toxicity as we want everyone to enjoy their time here. We love the community and we won’t be going anywhere so don’t worry about the server disappearing out of the blue. We are committed.

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