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This page contains the download links for Vainglory across all platforms. If you encounter any technical problem while installing or running the game, try asking for help in our Vainglory channel on Discord.

We advise you to stick with official links. We take no responsibility for the risks associated with unofficial links.

1A and 1B clients

There are two working versions of the game (or client) colloquially known as 1A and 1B. They correspond to the different stages of Vainglory: Community Edition. 1A is an older version that allows you to use skins and talents but not change your in-game name (IGN). A random IGN is generated at the start of each match.

1B is the latest version of Vainglory released on 30 September 2020. You can change your IGN but can’t use skins and talents. The region selector does not work so ignore the dropdown menu. The region you are in is shown at the upper right corner of your profile which is accessed by tapping your IGN.

In essence, 1A lets you use skins and 1B lets you change your IGN or username. Both clients are required to use skins and IGN at the same time according to our guide here.


iOS and iPadOS

Note that Vainglory has not been updated for iPhone 12 series so it looks like this. It is still a suboptimal experience even after rotating the device. You can try placing items at the bottom of the screen through the in-game settings.

Windows (PC)

Unfortunately, community edition clients 1A and 1B do not exist for Windows. The latest Windows version still has the UI for features that have stopped working such as party and marketing. You also can’t change your IGN without some extra steps.

Vainglory was previously available on Steam. If you got the game before SEMC removed it, you can install it from your Steam library.

Please note that the Windows version is buggy as it never exited beta. We have received mixed reports of it running flawlessly, not at all, or anywhere in between. Give it a try and let us know on Discord.


Mac version stopped working since the 4.13 patch. It used to be available on Steam. If you downloaded it in the past, you can try your luck and see if it runs.

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