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This article should serve as a catch-all reference for players who are looking for information about the current state of Vainglory. We will continue to update this article as necessary. Got questions or feedback? Tell us on Discord.

What happened to Vainglory?

Vainglory was not profitable. For the full picture, see former Vainglory analyst/caster Excoundrels video:

And Chamus video to get a better idea of what went wrong:

Will Vainglory ever return?

SEMC is working on their new game Catalyst Black (Project Spellfire) and will revisit plans for Vainglory: Community Edition after the new game launches successfully. The announcement was made on 1 April 2020. We have been stuck at stage 1B for more than a year.

Why can’t I log in? Where is my account?

Most features have been removed from Vainglory. This includes accounts, chat, guilds, leaderboard, party, ranks, skins, and talents. The game is as barebones as it can be to minimise operating costs. Your account data is still safe with SEMC but it is inaccessible by anyone else at this time. We are oblivious about SEMCs plans.

Can I play with my friends? How?

Yes. On 18 March 2021, Vainglory developer Loquori implemented a server-side patch that allows players to join the same match or team up easily. This was a huge improvement compared to the old way of queuing at the same time hoping to get matched together. Thanks to this party workaround, there was a surge of returning players. To learn about the new matchmaking system, please see our Play Together guide.

Can I play on PC or Mac?

Vainglory works on Android, iOS/iPadOS, and Windows (PC). Mac version doesn’t work. Note that the Windows client has never exited beta and is buggy. Though some players have reported that it runs flawlessly, your mileage may very.

Where can I download Vainglory?

Please refer our Download Vainglory page. Download links for various versions of Vainglory are provided.

Can I use skins?

Yes. Skins are not usable in the latest version of Vainglory due to a bug. However, you can download the previous version of Vainglory from our Download Vainglory page. The only downside is that you will not be able to change your in-game name (IGN). To use IGN and skin at the same time, see our How To Use Skins guide.

Can I change region?

This is possible but players have reported mixed results. The dropdown menu in the game is broken but you can switch regions using a VPN. Set the desired region for your VPN and turn it on before opening Vainglory. The label at the upper right corner in your game profile (tap your IGN/username) shows your true Vainglory region. Do not turn off the VPN while you are playing. Expect suboptimal ping.

Is there still a Vainglory bot?

You can use Toothless to look up information for all heroes and items in patch 4.13 without leaving Discord. The bot’s database is more accurate than what is presented in the game.

Where can I find more help and resources?

You can visit these communities and websites:

More on our Vainglory Communities page!

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